NARCISSY “DEEP WOODS” to be released on vinyl December 2017 on Transylvania!

Narcissy Deep Woods

The great Narcissy are set to release Deep Woods, the long-awaited follow-up to their eponymous debut!

Compiled from a large batch of tracks recorded at Studio in the Country by Benjamin Mumphrey, the chosen 10 represent the so-called “cream” of the crop, and it is ever so creamy!

J.H. of Narcissy

Lyrical topics include the Superfund, love in the trailer park, a cheeky ripping on all things Southern, and a general “analysis of a f***ed up planet.”

Available on LP, digital download and streaming in December 2017.

Listen to the classic-rocker “Hate the South”

Disclaimer: all parties involved are natives of, and currently reside in, the South.

Listen to “Analysis of a F***ed Up Planet”

New Michael Skar album out today!

Transylvania Music Company is quite pleased to present this most excellent album, Michael Skar II, produced, written, and engineered entirely by Michael, from the confines of his bedroom. Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, et cetera!

Michael Skar II, the long-awaited sophomore album by the great Michael Skar.

Now featuring Loudness War, the latest Transylvania Music Co. playlist!


Listen to “Lovely Trip,” by Loudness War, from their new third album, The Miser:


Compact Discs have arrived from the factory and gatefold LPs are on the way! The Miser, by Loudness War, will be the band’s third album, and their first for Transylvania. Produced and recorded by Benjamin Mumphrey at Studio in the CountryCheck it out online now!

“Loudness War takes no prisoners. The Miser – the third album by the neo-psychedelic rock band from Baton Rouge – shows the hard, heavy rock influence of Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Weezer. Loudness War’s ever-deepening well of original songs, tempos made for head bobbing and primal riffs make the quartet a young band to watch.”

Loudness War is (L-R) Ryan Welsh, Matthew Urquhart, Stevie Spring, and Quinn Tull.



‘Pataphysics is the Game features Pablo Lopez on lead vocals, and was recorded at Hart Sound, Belle Chasse, LA, by Rick Hart. Photo by Alison Clouet.


The Return of Marmalade features Scott Durbin, now of Imagination Movers fame, on lead vocals, and was recorded at Side One Studios, Metairie, LA, by Greg Troyer and Chris Finney, and Sea-Saint Studios by Roger Branch, assisted by Kai Schoorman. Artwork by Michael Giron.

After more than two decades, Clones at Play make it to the internet with two full albums: ‘Pataphysics is the Game, recorded between 1990 & 1992, and The Return of Marmaladerecorded between 1993 & 1994.

The band consisted of Pablo Lopez and Scott Durbin on lead vocals, Michael J. Schafer on bass, Kenny Sumera on drums, and Benjamin Mumphrey on guitar.


An excellent aspect is the background vocals, performed by “The Clone Sisters,” Christina and Kathleen Mumphrey.

A bit silly and a bit soulful, but not half-bad for a bunch of teenagers! Give the Clones a listen!

From ‘Pataphysics is the Game, “Blow Pop”

From The Return of Marmalade, “Put Another Hair in my Beard”

Spotify playlist:


Bobby Adams: Working Blue


The Working Blue EP is now streaming online and available for download!

These “classic” Bobby tracks were recorded in 1998, and were released on the original “pink” CD. Featuring lovely backup vocals on “Tuxedo Tapas Bar” by Greg Wiz, Chris Finney, Philip Korosec, and a baritone solo by David Rosser! Ribald lyrics; not for the easily offended.

Written and recorded by Ben Mumphrey and Michael J. Schafer at Magazine Sound Recording.

Mixed by Mike Napolitano.

Bobby Adams II unearthed!

Bobby Adams II online cover

After many years of shilly-shallying, Bobby Adams has finally sanctioned the unearthing of the second album! Recorded between 2006 and 2009 by The Fabulous Bobby Boys with the help of childhood friend, engineer, and character from “It’s Late,” Chris Finney.

Have a listen to a few tracks:

“Back Home,” written and recorded at The Bakery in Athens, GA, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. 

“I Never Go Home,” recorded at Studio in the Country and featuring the exemplary drumming of Bogalusa native and pal Herschel Dwellingham.

Available on CD and streaming online!

Bobby Adams “The Last Night”

Bobby Adams, on the eve of the Apocalypse.

From the forthcoming album Bobby Adams II.


The Last Night scroll


Bobby Adams, “Be Free”

A Friday treat from Bobby Adams, “Be Free.”

Be Free

Bobby Adams on vinyl!

Bobby Adams is now available as an LP! Get your copy before they sell out, as Bobby insisted that only a mere 100 copies were to be pressed!

Comes with the lyrics printed in a snazzy gatefold jacket.

Available in New Orleans at Euclid Records, Domino Sound, Peaches, The Mushroom, and The Louisiana Music Factory.

Also available online at and

Bobby Adams LP frontBobby Adams gatefold  Bobby Adams Side A