J.H. of Narcissy

The great Narcissy is set to release Deep Woods, the long-awaited follow-up to their eponymous debut!

Compiled from a large batch of tracks recorded at Studio in the Country by Benjamin Mumphrey, the chosen 10 represent the so-called “cream” of the crop, and it is ever-so creamy!

Narcissy (L to R): Bill, Anthony, and J.H.

Lyrical topics include the Superfund, love in the trailer park, a cheeky ripping on all things Southern, and a general “analysis of a f***ed up planet.”

Available on LP, digital download and streaming in December 2017.

Narcissy Deep Woods

Listen to the classic-rocker “Hate the South”

Disclaimer: all parties involved are natives of, and currently reside in, the South.

Listen to “Analysis of a F***ed Up Planet”